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BCL Cats

Want to see the Barn Cat Lady’s personal feline friends around the barns? You’ve come to the right place. Kitty pictures are in!  Welcome to the BCL Cats!  Meet the abandoned, the barn-bred, the ferals, and the much-beloved cats of the barns.

Meet the cats and kittens looking for homes and meet Rochelle’s two personal furbabies who follow her around as often as they can!  Pictures, stories, and videos are all shown here for your cuteness fix.  Because all cats, even barn cats, are cute as all get out!

Thanks so much for your support, fellow feline lovers!  Together, we can make a difference to these cat’s lives!

Peabody Wonder Cat

Peabody, Wonder Cat!

Come meet Peabody, my very special orphaned kitten who is not a kitten anymore! He’s now Peabody, Wonder Cat, and such a special, special boy. Peabody is a medium-haired black cat. This means he is really hard to photograph by artificial light inside and he’s always doing something seriously cute when I don’t have the …

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My Boy Buddy

My Boy Buddy

Here’s Buddy! Buddy is my boy. He’s a chill dude. He’s beloved by cats wherever he goes. Buddy is an orange tabby and everyone loves orange tabbies! I told you the story of Daisy in a previous post. This is her littermate and brother, Buddy. How It Began Initially, I had decided to adopt one …

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One Lucky Cat: Echo

One Lucky Cat: Echo

Meet Echo! A tortoiseshell female cat of unknown age and origin who has been both unlucky and lucky in life as a barn cat. She’s a real character though, so you’ll love her and her sass! Warning: There is one slightly graphic picture of her injured and scraped up leg in this post.  If you’re …

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Little Miss Daisy at 1 year

Little Miss Daisy

You’re interested in meeting my girl, Little Miss Daisy? Excellent! She’ll be happy to know people are checking out her pictures. She thinks she’s very important, you know. She’s even got a video on YouTube now! How cool is that? Scroll down to the bottom to see it here, as well. Adoption Daisy was born …

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Cute Cream Tabby Kitten with Blue Eyes

Meet the Cats

Are you ready to meet the cats? After all, I can’t be the Barn Cat Lady without my loyal companions, can I? I have two personal cats that I adopted as older kittens and (failed) to make an indoor pet out of them. They are fully vaccinated and fixed, have microchips and collars (break-away) as …

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