Luke & Leia Found at the Barns!

Luke & Leia: Adopted!

If you own or work in any farm or other agricultural property, you have likely found cats or kittens dumped carelessly by selfish, thoughtless people. It happens around 4 or 5 times a year at the barns here, that I’m aware of. How many more litters of kittens abandoned that die, we may never know. …

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Abandoned Kitten Care Guide

Abandoned Kitten Care Guide

Kitten season is officially here! And it’s starting off rather badly already. Welcome to the Abandoned Kitten Care Guide. A very big part of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is adopting out the kittens after socializing them to humans. Some TNR volunteers stick to trapping only and deliver young kittens to rescues. Some TNR folks (like me) do …

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The Best Bait for Feral Cats Graphic

The Best Bait for Feral Cats (Humane Only!)

There is always some discussion on what bait to use to catch the most cats during Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).  Even if you’ve been at trapping awhile, it’s always nice to hear what other people think is the best bait for feral cats! I know I personally love hearing the innovative ways people have encouraged the most …

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Lysine and Cats Graphic

Lysine and Cats: Why It is Not Recommended

I get asked a lot about lysine supplements for upper respiratory infections in cats.  Lysine and cats seem to come up quite often when discussing a sick cat, in a community cat colony or a home! Many cat caretakers, shelters, sanctuaries, and vets have recommended lysine supplementation in cats who have Feline Herpes Virus (FHV), …

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What is a Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats?

What is an Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats?

Kitty colds, URIs, calicivirus, and more. Those are often the names given to feline upper respiratory infections. So what is an upper respiratory infection in cats? Upper respiratory infections in cats are an infection of a cat’s sinus area, mouth or throat. These are basically ‘cat colds’ as their symptoms are similar to the everyday …

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