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BCL’s Cat Colony Donations

I am the Barn Cat Lady. I am a trap-neuter-return volunteer and advocate. I foster cats and kittens for furever homes inside. I socialize ferals. I take in displaced community cats forced to move from their homes locally whenever I can. I help place community cats into other barn homes.

Donations of all kinds are welcome in caring for the community and barn cats I care for. I spend most of my own money doing this. I could use your help to do more!


For direct vet donations, the vet is Bellevue Animal Clinic and the phone number is (337) 942- 7126. The account is under my name, Rochelle Pritchett. They will ask which pet you wish to donate towards, so remember the name of the ca or kitten you want the donation to go towards!

For all other donation inquiries, please email me at rochelle@barncatlady.com. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I am not a nonprofit so donations are not tax-deductible. I am simply someone who saw cats who needed help and stepped up. All donations go towards vet bills, spay and neuter surgeries, fostering supplies such as kitten formula, cat meds such as Revolution, and last, cat food. Receipts provided upon request or on social media for all colony cats.

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