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If you’re interested in other information on cats, you’ve come to the right page! Sometimes it’s so hard to find a reliable and accurate website online, so I decided to create a list of websites I have linked to in my articles as authority sites on cat information and feral cat rescues in various areas!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites listed below and am not responsible for anything they post on their website. I have found useful information on their websites at the time of posting their link here, but that could change at any time. I make no guarantees of the accuracy of any website other than my own. If you find any errors or misinformation posted on the following websites, please email me at Rochelle@barncatlady.com and let me know, please.

Green Eyed Cat Stare

Community Cat Organizations


Alley Cat Allies – https://www.alleycat.org/


Cat House on the Kings – https://www.cathouseonthekings.com/
FixNation – https://fixnation.org/


Alley Cat Advocates – https://alleycatadvocates.org/


Wild Cat Foundation – http://wildcatfoundationla.org/


Carol’s Ferals – http://www.carolsferals.org/

New York

Neighborhood Cats – https://www.neighborhoodcats.org/
Feral Cat Focus of WNY – https://feralcatfocus.org/


Colony Cats & Dogs – https://colonycats.org/index.html


Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon – http://www.feralcats.com/

Rhode Island

PawsWatch – https://pawswatch.org/


Shadow Cats – https://shadowcats.net/

Spay & Neuter Clinics for TNR Surgeries

National Locator

PetSmart Charities Store and Clinic Locator – https://petsmartcharities.org/store-and-clinic-locator
SpayUSA – https://www.animalleague.org/get-involved/spay-usa/


FixNation – https://fixnation.org/


SpayNation for Dogs & Cats – https://spaynation.net/


SNYP (Spay/Neuter Your Pet) Spay/Neuter Clinic – https://spayneuter.org/


Texas Litter Control – https://www.texaslittercontrol.org/home.html

Community Cat Resources, Education, and Advocacy

Alley Cat Allies – https://www.alleycat.org/
Maddie’s Fund – https://www.maddiesfund.org/index.htm
Stray Pet Advocacy – http://www.straypetadvocacy.org/

Kitten Care

Kitten Lady – https://www.kittenlady.org/

Animal Rescue Organizations


ASPCA – https://aspca.org/
Best Friends Animal Society – https://bestfriends.org/
Humane Society of the United States – https://www.humanesociety.org/

New York

North Shore Animal League – https://www.animalleague.org/


Adopt-A-Pet – https://www.adoptapet.com/
Petfinder – https://www.petfinder.com/


PetSmart Charities – https://petsmartcharities.org/
The Jackson Galaxy Project – http://www.thejacksongalaxyproject.org/

Cat Care

Catinfo.org – https://catinfo.org/
Thriving Cat – https://thrivingcat.com/

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Equipment

Tru Catch Traps – https://www.trucatchtraps.com/
Tomahawk Live Trap – https://www.livetrap.com/index.php

Community Cat Shelters & Feeders

The Ark Workshop – https://www.arkworkshop.com/main.sc
FeralVilla – http://www.feralvilla.com/

Pet Supply Stores

Chewy – https://chewy.com/
Little City Dogs – https://littlecitydogs.com/
PetSmart – https://petsmart.com/

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