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The 9 Best Books About Cats in 2019

9 Best Books About Cats

Cats are so freaking adorable, right? The internet agrees! Just do a search for cats on YouTube one day. Want to learn more about cats? Looking to escape from life by reading fiction with cats? This is a list of the best books about cats in 2019, fact or fiction. Two of them I’ve even used for reference!

Some of these are invaluable guides to cat biology or kitten rescue. A couple of these might be amazing fictional worlds through the eyes of our beloved felines. I highly suggest you hop to it and buy these up. No cat lover household is complete without cat books!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. See Affiliate Disclosure for details. Thanks for supporting the kitties!

#9: The Warrior Series!

If you want to read an interesting series told by the point of view of feral cats and one special ‘kittypet’, named Rusty, then you really, really need to check out the Warrior books by Erin Hunter. The first 6 books are frankly abso-freaking-lutely brilliant, even if they are geared more towards kids and young adults.

Four Clans of Wild Cats have shared the forest for generations and have lived according to their laws. All of that is being threatened just as a ‘kittypet’ named Rusty finds himself outside and away from his humans for the first time.

The series continues on for many more books if you’re interested.

Otherwise, you can start with book one!

#8: Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens

The first book by the internet-famous Kitten Lady on this list! This book is due to release this month and it’s a children’s book about neonatal kittens with fun kitten pictures and even better, kitten facts! As a way of getting even kids involved in cat rescue, this book is pure genius and I am absolutely certain that the pictures will be gorgeous!

Adorable too!

Whether you’re young at heart or have kids, this book is sure to be a hit! Pre-order the Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens by Hannah Shaw today!

#7: The Domestic Cat: The Biology of Its Behaviour

If you’re a science geek and cat lover, then you might be interested in learning about the biology of cat behavior, which includes feral cat behavior!

This is an excellent resource that was last updated in 2000, which is why it’s so low down on the list. It needs another update, but still, it’s an excellent resource for cat behavioral studies.

#6: Cats on Catnip!

A photography book with our favorite subject: cats! What’s extra special about this book is that all the cats are high on catnip! Score!

Just saying. Cats on Catnip by Andrew Marttia can’t be anything but great!

The author and photographer of this collection of awesome and out of this world cat pictures is the partner of Hannah Shaw, a.k.a. the Kitten Lady. Meaning, he’s very involved in cat rescue too!

#5: Bailey, No Ordinary Cat

This one is an amazing story about a cat who helped raise three beautiful girls and tolerated dress up and bubble baths and more from them. Being an internet-famous cat is not an easy job, but he succeeded enough to be shown on Ellen and other shows! Bailey, No Ordinary Cat is definitely a must-read for any fan!

The sad part is, he passed away just before the release of this book at the age of 14. His videos have caused me to tear up quite often, the way he loves and tolerates his human sisters. It’s beautiful.

#4: The Cat Whisperer

If you are looking for help with unwanted pet cat behaviors, this is one of the best books out there. The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do — And How to Get Them To Do What You Want is a great resource to help you curb destructive or aggressive behaviors and more.

The author is a well-known cat behavior expert as well!

#3: Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat– Not a Sourpuss

Another famous cat behavior expert who has THREE books out regarding cat stuff, but I find this one the best one to begin with if you’re looking to raise a kitty cat as it is a more complete resource. From the star of the Animal Planet UK show, Psycho Kitty, Think Like a Cat is an excellent resource for kitty parents!

#2: Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy!

Jackson Galaxy is the well-known Cat Daddy and host of the Animal Planet show, My Cat From Hell. He even has his own line of cat products! If you’ve watched him on Animal Planet or YouTube, I’m sure you’re a fan.

Total Cat Mojo is also a #1 bestselling book in cat training on Amazon, so seriously a great book to pick up by any cat lover.

#1: Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines

Hands down, my favorite cat book this year! Not only a kitten saving guide, but it also helps introduce people to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and encourages individuals to act! Without judgment for kill shelters or people in tough circumstances, Hannah Shaw teaches compassion as well as teaches people how to help save kittens!

Including by preventing their births!

Tiny but Mighty is an EXCELLENT resource that I read completely, cover to cover, and even cried when the Kitten Lady shared her kitten rescue stories. The pictures are freaking adorable as well!

Cats Have Nine Lives, This List Has Nine Books!

There you go, folks! The list of the 9 best books about cats from the Barn Cat Lady! I truly hope you’ll pick one (or more) of them if you’re caring for cats. They truly are interesting and even us experts can always learn new things from other experts!

Do you have a cat book recommendation you want to share with me? Comment below!


8 thoughts on “The 9 Best Books About Cats in 2019”

  1. What a great list! Thank you so much for rounding up this roster of cat books. I was only familiar with one of these books, and am definitely interested in several of them. I appreciated your take on them, as well, since you are an experienced cat owner and cat caregiver, and not the “average Jill”, so to speak. I trust that if you find value in a cat book, then it’s definitely worth my time. I am going to bookmark this post and save a couple of these to my Amazon wish list. Many thanks for this resource!

  2. Hi Rochelle,

    We have a dog in our home. Very recently one cat came to our home and it gave birth to 3 kittens and I thought they are going to stay in our terrace for a few weeks. But they are staying here and it seems they are not having any plan to move lol. Slowly but surely I am loving them.

    Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy and Tiny But Mighty are getting my interest and attention. The price is also within my budget and I will go with the Kindle edition. The description you shared about each book is very helpful in making my purchase decision.

    1. Glad I could help!  I do recommend you get the Tiny But Mighty book if you’re taking care of kittens, it would definitely be the more helpful.  Plus, definitely get the hardback, it is nearly the same price and it has beautiful pictures.

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Oh, thanks for the book recommendation! I’ve been both a dog and a cat person. Recently I really like to watch cat videos on YouTube.  I’ve heard about the story of Bailey, so I’m glad there is a book about it. I think I will love The Warriors series too! Is it still ongoing? I’ll check both books right now. Thanks!

    1. Glad I could help!  The Warrior’s series has a LOT of books, but I believe the author has moved onto different animals now. 

  4. We have a beautiful kitty who is the princess of our house. I grew up with dogs though so I actually don’t know tons about cats and cat behavior. We moved this past fall and since then our cat has been SO naughty!!!! She never used to go on the counter or scratch furniture and now she does!!!! UGH! I’ve been after her constantly. She’s such a brat. I’m really interested in the Cat Whisperer because I think it could be the answer to my problems. I’m looking further into what the book has to offer. I hadn’t thought of finding a book about cat behavior so I’m certainly happy I came across it.

    Thank you! 

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