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Handsome, Jerk Cat

Handsome, Jerk Cat in a Pink ChairI want to introduce you to a very special barn cat named Handsome.

I inherited Handsome from my former employer when a horse training center closed down. He was supposed to go to another farm and that person backed out. So I took him with me instead!

Handsome is a 13-year-old tabby barn cat, or so I’ve been told. That’s ancient for an outdoor cat. He’s lived in a barn, pampered like the jerk-cat he is, for his entire life.

He is also one of the few cats that I did not have to neuter as he was already neutered and ear-tipped before I inherited him. I also did not name him as he’s always been such a gorgeous cat that they named him Handsome!

Handsome is a Jerk

Handsome, as much as I love him, is a jerk. He’s very ‘alpha’ and likes slapping the other cats away from the food. He also LOVES being in your lap and getting attention. He adores being pet and scratched. On HIS terms. Watch out, because if you aren’t paying attention, he will turn and bite you to get you to stop petting his ‘no-no’ spots.

He has no concept of keeping his claws sheathed when on your lap either, then gets mad when you set him down! He’s always been a demanding lap cat and that obviously has not changed.

But he’s super friendly, otherwise, and will jump on anyone’s lap for some love.

Handsome Sleeping on a Ledge

Handsome is Gorgeous

This jerk-cat has the most gorgeous green eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat. Just beautiful. He uses that direct stare to his advantage too!

He likes climbing on top of fence posts to survey his domain and look down on everyone and everything.  He’s very judgmental like that.

Head scratches are always welcome, of course.

Tabby Cat Handsome Rolling On the Ground

Handsome Now!

Now that I have Handsome, he’s actually been a little more interested in coming inside some. He’s getting older and slowing down. He doesn’t like the cold.  He loves his wet food, now that I’m his caretaker.

He’s also fighting an upper respiratory infection that isn’t going away, although many vet visits and antibiotics later, we have gotten it greatly reduced.

I worry about him now, the poor fellow. I’m not ready to give up on him, just for some snotty sneezes, so I haven’t tested for FIV/FeLV yet. Especially as antibiotics do work!

When he’s feeling good, he still runs and jumps and plays, even at his age! It’s amazing to watch.

Loveable Handsome

Everyone Loves a Jerk Cat!

Handsome is a permanent resident of my colony. He’s a favorite of people around the barns, even though he’s a jerk! And you can often see pictures of Handsome, and the other permanent residents of the BCL’s Colony on Instagram!

Do you have a jerk cat in your colony? Share their story with me in the comments! I love hearing stories about happy, healthy barn cats, community cats, and feral cats!


10 thoughts on “Handsome, Jerk Cat”

  1. Hello, Handsome and your human Rochelle

    I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your photos as well as your video. 

    You are well named! 

    My own cat died last year and it was a heart attack. So very sudden. 

    Like you, he enjoyed his cat treats very much.

    I’m not ready yet to own another cat but I like reading about other people’s cats. 

    Look after yourselves. 

    Best wishes, 


  2. Hey. Thanks for sharing this story about Handsome. I find him such an adorable cat. I’m cat lover. I have one that I adopted on my arrival in Thailand. It happened that the house I rented had newborn kittens on the roof. Most of the others left but only one was left so I adopted him. He keeps me company and we play together. I wish Handsome good health.

  3. I love cat stories and get to know about cats!

    Handsome is a beautiful cat, I can image he could tell us many stories! Some cats are just like him, they love to be the boss and they like to keep other cats where they suppose to be, so he keeps being the boss.

    My sister has a few cats, and she also has one who is the boss, she was a rescued cat from a golf club, my sister got her when she was a tiny cat, but never accepted to be domesticated and she is wild most of the time. She likes to slap to the rest of the cats and we tell her if she doesn’t behave with the rest of the cats she will be looking for a new home!

    We won’t do it, as we well know nobody will love her and accept her the way she is. She is grey and white.

    Every time I come to visit your website, you have great articles to read!

  4. Hello there! I don’t really have cats but I love Handsome! I actually have a dog and I think somehow I can relate to you when it comes to having pets. I have a lot of qualities that I like with Hacker my dog but there are also some annoying things he like doing. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing awesome stories.

  5. Handsome is a lucky cat to be taken care of by you. You know him so well that you can easily tell when he is not feeling well or when he is angry and when he needs special attention. 

    I owned a cat once and we were good companions for more than a year until she mysteriously disappeared. It got me thinking if there are any tracking devices that can be used on pets like cats.

    Thank you, Rochelle, for showing us the proper way to treat a cat.

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