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Homeless cats.  Feral cats.  Outdoor cats. Strays. Neighborhood cats. Barn cats.  Working cats.  Mousers. Whatever you wish to call them, community cats are the focus of the Barn Cat Lady website. Especially the barn cats.

How to Relocate a Feral Cat

How to Relocate a Feral Cat

Most of the time, the relocation of feral cats is considered a no-no. Friendly cats and kittens can be safely removed, fostered, and adopted into homes. But the feral and semi-feral cats, you want to return them to their original home if at all possible after Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). In some cases though, especially if there is conflict with the property …

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Barn Cat Network Graphic

Barn Cat Network

The Barn Cat Network is a network of people just like you who can take in feral and semi-feral cats that are forced to relocate from their outdoor homes. Every single week I get messages or emails from rescues or shelters or just a concerned citizen who needs to find a barn home (or similar) for a feral or unadoptable …

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Does TNR Work in 2019 Blog Graphic

Does TNR Work in 2019? [Trap Neuter Return Facts]

The nitty-gritty details of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) are right here, guys and gals! Before I get into “Does TNR Work?”, I want to first explain something very, very important. Many people don’t seem to understand what TNR actually is unless they participate in it. I’ve even had an argument online with a conservationist who clearly hates cats and the fact that he …

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What is a Cat Caretaker Photo Collage

What is a Cat Caretaker? (Should You Become a One?)

Happy Friday, y’all! I have mentioned the phrase cat caretaker throughout my previous posts and I figured I should expand on that for cat colony newbies. What is a cat caretaker? What is involved? Are you a cat caretaker? Should you become one? In this post: What is a cat caretaker? Difference between owner and caretaker Caretaker Responsibility Abandoned Community …

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Barn Cat Tweety with his Eartip

Find a Lost Cat Outside? [Help Her Get Home!]

Did you find a lost cat outside? Perhaps a new addition to your established community cat colony showed up recently.  Have you found a hungry cat in your garage or under your shed? I implore anyone that has a cat show up on their doorstep or their established colony to not assume she’s simply another community cat who lives outside. …

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