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All things Barn Cat Rescue.  Barn cats, their stories, and their lives.  Anything and everything about barn cat rescue can be found under this tag!

How to Relocate a Feral Cat

How to Relocate a Feral Cat

Most of the time, the relocation of feral cats is considered a no-no. Friendly cats and kittens can be safely removed, fostered, and adopted into homes. But the feral and semi-feral cats, you want to return them to their original home if at all possible after Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). In some cases though, especially if there is conflict with the property …

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Barn Cat Network Graphic

Barn Cat Network

The Barn Cat Network is a network of people just like you who can take in feral and semi-feral cats that are forced to relocate from their outdoor homes. Every single week I get messages or emails from rescues or shelters or just a concerned citizen who needs to find a barn home (or similar) for a feral or unadoptable …

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