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Got Kittens? Tiny But Mighty Book is an AMAZING Resource!

My Tiny but Mighty Book

I’m absolutely thrilled about the Tiny but Mighty Book and you should be too! It’s here!  I read it!  It’s absolutely freaking amazing!

Okay, maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, but by the end of this post, you will be just as excited. If you’re a cat lover or into cat rescue, anyway. As you’re reading this, I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume you are.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the Kitten Lady in any way.  She’s awesome though!

Disclaimer #2: I AM affiliated with the Amazon Associates program, so any links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission if you make a purchase. See Affiliate Disclosure for full details. Thanks for supporting the kitties!

Hannah Shaw, Author and Internet Famous Kitten Lady!

The Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw Flexing
Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady

In case you aren’t aware, there are a ton of informational videos on orphaned neonatal kitten care by the animal advocate, Kitten Lady. Any time any of us have ever had to deal with an orphaned kitten emergency of any kind, the Kitten Lady has a how-to video on it. (She’s entertaining, too!)

Now admittedly, I do Trap Neuter Return (TNR) and kitten socialization, but there have been a couple of bottle-fed orphans I’ve dealt with. I don’t have near the experience as Hannah Shaw does, so it’s awesome she’s got so many videos available to instruct us less-experienced bottle-feeders.

She runs a nonprofit and is an animal protection advocate. You can find her at KittenLady.org.

In any case, she is adding published author to her list of accomplishments!

The Tiny But Mighty Book

The Tiny But Mighty Book Cover

Hannah Shaw released her first book with how-tos and adorable pictures of neonatal kittens on August 06, 2019.  I pre-ordered it immediately and got it just days after it was released!

If you’re involved in cat rescue, TNR, fostering, or anything related to cats, I highly suggest you join me in supporting a fellow cat rescuer by ordering a copy.

I do recommend getting it in hardback, NOT Kindle version.  The pictures are more awesome that way!

Her videos are invaluable and her book is absolutely pure gold!

I don’t often deal with neonatal kittens, but I’ve had to bottle-feed kittens a number of times, one of those only 2-days-old by the time I had gotten him. Situations happen in TNR and I wished I had this book then. I’ll be glad to include the book in my emergency kitten kit for future use.

Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines is listed as a New York Times bestseller. It definitely deserves it!

Click on your favorite retailer below!

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Tiny but Mighty Book Review – 5+ Stars!

Wait, you want to know what I think about the book?

I posted this review on Amazon and Goodreads:

This book is hands-down the best resource for saving neonatal kittens ever written.

We all love kittens and we all know this book is to help others to save their lives. It also contains amazing and adorable pictures and the Kitten Lady’s compassionate view of overextended shelters with no funds and her patience with people who don’t understand. Each section contains heartwarming personal stories about kittens as examples.

What you might not realize is that the Kitten Lady isn’t just about saving neonatal kittens. She’s also about preventing them in the first place, especially utilizing TNR (trap neuter return).

TNR is a program in a lot of communities in the US to reduce the reproductive capabilities of our outdoor cat population by sterilization and then returning them to their outdoor home.

Part of saving kittens is definitely preventing more from being born when most shelters and rescues can’t handle the ones they have. A huge part of TNR is kitten rescue and adoption to get them safe, loving homes.

This book explains the sad truth about feline overpopulation in a way that any cat lover will tear up. She explains preventing kittens before she explains kitten care.

I applaud Hannah Shaw for understanding shelters and their workers don’t want to euthanize cats and going out of her way to inform cat lovers of this truth.

I applaud Hannah Shaw for writing this excellent book and sharing kitten rescue, animal rescue, and TNR to anyone that cares to learn.

If you love cats, no matter what age they are, no matter if they’re feral or tame, and you don’t think you can make a difference, then pick up this book.

Everyone can make a difference and this guide explains exactly how to save kittens. If you can’t foster kittens? Join volunteers in TNR. This guide explains exactly how to do that! Just love cats? Read this guide and you will be motivated to volunteer in some way.

I dare you to read this guide and NOT be motivated to help.

Definitely, 5+ Stars!

Ms. Feral's Tiny but Mighty Book Review
Even Ms. Feral agrees to 5 stars!

But Wait! A Children’s Book Too?

Big Book of Little Kittens Cover

Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens is a children’s book she’s released as well!

Your kids (or you) can enjoy learning about kittens and orphaned kitten care in a more fun way. The Kitten Lady shares the fun little facts of tiny kittens and inspiring kids to want to take part in kitten rescue as well.

Pretty awesome, right?

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Excited? Me too!

If you are a part of cat rescue or feral cat care, I highly recommend you get a copy. Barn cat and feral cat caretakers are often finding orphaned kittens or kittens in need of care. This resource should be on everyone’s shelf who cares for those special felines!

Plus, we get to support a fellow cat advocate with her success.

Go buy it!


8 thoughts on “Got Kittens? Tiny But Mighty Book is an AMAZING Resource!”

  1. Thank you for this article. That’s cool that she has a lot of information out about how to take care of neonatal kittens who have been orphaned. I didn’t realize that was a common issue but I could definitely see how it could be.
    I can tell you care about kittens very much. I have one question about neutering. Does it hurt them? I always feel kind of sad when I hear about the whole trapping and neutering thing. Thanks for the information and I hope everyone interested in kittens will find this page. I will certainly forward it to all of my friends who are involved with kittens. Take care.

    1. Hi!  Thanks for visiting!

      You asked if neutering hurt the kitties.  The answer is no.  They are under anesthesia during surgery and like all surgeries, there is discomfort afterward, but any vets give you the option for send-home pain meds.  For the trapping and fixing of community cats, they are given a long-acting pain medication injection as some cats aren’t easily handled, if not outright feral.

      It really is minimal discomfort if done correctly.  I always opt-in for pain management after surgery because I’m sensitive to their pain.  

      Did you know that sex between cats is painful for the female?  Really, truly!  So fixing the cats is really the kindest thing to do, outside of the usual reasons.

      Thanks for your excellent question!

  2. Great post. I love my cats and we have a lovely 8-year-old female called Lily. The kitten lady seems very inspiring and to run a nonprofit organization blows me away.  I am going to get this book.  I am in the United Kingdom. Can this be shipped to the UK?  How much does it cost, please?

    1. Tiny but Mighty is available in the UK, too!  You can get it from the UK Amazon store quite easily.  Depending on the retailer and whether you have Amazon Prime, the shipping could be free or super expensive.  As of right now (August 16, 2019), the book is out and is under $14 for the hardback.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I won’t be the only one excited because my cousin will also be too after reading this and finding out about the release of the book. She is a cat lover and has 5 cats. Two of these cats are orphans and she takes good care of them. My cousin has been a cat and book lover and would definitely pounce on this and pre-order for herself and her colleagues. Thanks a bunch for this nice post. It is enlightening and informative. I can’t wait to have the book for myself too.I hope to see more updates from you.

  4. Aww, kittehs!! Everything is so precious about tiny kittens from their clumsy movements to their tiny little meows — they steal your heart immediately with all the cuteness! 

    My current cat was rescued while both pregnant and underweight, and ended up having her litter prematurely. Although she was under constant vet care at that point, none of the sweet little ones were able to survive. I’m thankful that my cat was being cared for by the shelter / rescue and survived, but it’s sad to know her kittens didn’t make it. These resource books seem like the perfect thing to help people be more prepared to take care of kittens in the best possible way.

    1. Aww, poor kittens!  I’m happy your cat made it, however, and lived for you to adopt her!  Thanks for visiting!

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