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As a lifelong animal lover and cat owner, Rochelle has over 30 years of experience with our feline companions. She is a cat behavior expert, a colony caretaker, community cat advocate, and is often found TNRing local colonies. She once trapped, neutered and vaccinated, and relocated over 40 cats with only one volunteer to help her. She works with horses during the day and is never without peppermints in her pocket. She is an avid reader, coffee addict, gamer, and a writer (as Selenity Jade).

Cat taking a treat from a person's fingers.

What is the Best Food for Outdoor Cats in 2019?

Today we’re going to be talking about what is the best food for outdoor cats. It was brought up in one of my comments from a reader, and it’s definitely important if you’ve never had a cat before. You might not understand how best to go about it. If you’ve had cats your entire life, you probably have this covered. …

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Cute Cream Tabby Kitten with Blue Eyes

Meet the Cats

Are you ready to meet the cats? After all, I can’t be the Barn Cat Lady without my loyal companions, can I? I have two personal cats that I adopted as older kittens and (failed) to make an indoor pet out of them. They are fully vaccinated and fixed, have microchips and collars (break-away) as if they were beloved family …

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How to Save a Cat (and All His Friends)

How to Save a Cat (and All His Friends!) in 2019

Welcome to the Barn Cat Lady! You’re looking for information on how to save a cat, right? Hopefully, you want to save all of his friends too! You found yourself in a situation that is becoming all-too-common these days.  Perhaps it was something like this… You’re taking out the trash one evening and hear a sound from beside you. Peeking …

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Barn Cat


Welcome to the Barn Cat Lady! There are millions of outdoor cats in the United States alone. Many of us feed them, care for them, and look out for them as best we can with little to no resources.  Most of this is done out of our own pockets. Ferals, strays, barn cats, neighborhood cats, alley cats, or community cats, …

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