Parasites and Cats: Protozoa

Parasites and Cats: Protozoa

There are many types of internal parasites that cats can get and not all of them are worms. Protozoa parasites and cats infected by them are also common. Have you heard of coccidia? Giardia? Toxoplasmosis? These common parasites are all single-celled protozoan parasites that infect cats and other animals. You won’t be able to see these parasites as you can …

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Coronavirus and Cats

Coronavirus and Cats (Facts, Not Rumors)

With the current outbreak of a new coronavirus that originated in China, there has been a lot of concern worldwide over viruses passing from animals to humans and vise versa. The feline coronavirus that you have heard about is NOT the same coronavirus infecting millions of people worldwide. As of April 28, 2020, there were two cats and a bunch …

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Handsome, Jerk Cat

Handsome, Jerk Cat

I want to introduce you to a very special barn cat named Handsome. I inherited Handsome from my former employer when a horse training center closed down. He was supposed to go to another farm and that person backed out. So I took him with me instead! Handsome is a 13-year-old tabby barn cat, or so I’ve been told. That’s …

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Worms and Cats: Types, Symptoms, & Treatments

Worms and Cats: Types, Symptoms, & Treatments

Worms and cats go hand-in-hand, especially when they have access to the outdoors or live in feral cat colonies. Regular deworming should be routine for those of us who care for community cat colonies as almost all outdoor cats have worms or other parasites. Worms and other parasites are a common occurrence for pets and free-roaming cats. If you take …

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COVID 19 and Cats: How to Help Graphic

COVID-19 and Cats: How to Help

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing down yet and if you’re like me, you’re worried about COVID-19 and cats! Especially how to keep saving community cats during the stay-at-home orders. Even if you’re not worried about the disease itself, you’re worried about the economy crashing. You’re worried about spay and neuter clinics closing. You’re worried about kitten season. …

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Luke & Leia Found at the Barns!

Luke & Leia: Adopted!

If you own or work in any farm or other agricultural property, you have likely found cats or kittens dumped carelessly by selfish, thoughtless people. It happens around 4 or 5 times a year at the barns here, that I’m aware of. How many more litters of kittens abandoned that die, we may never know. Luke and Leia were two …

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Abandoned Kitten Care Guide

Abandoned Kitten Care Guide

Kitten season is officially here! And it’s starting off rather badly already. Welcome to the Abandoned Kitten Care Guide. A very big part of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is adopting out the kittens after socializing them to humans. Some TNR volunteers stick to trapping only and deliver young kittens to rescues. Some TNR folks (like me) do it all themselves, even though …

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What's the Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

What’s the Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

Two things you do not want to come together: cats and fleas. Fleas are prolific little bloodsuckers that can be such a pain to deal with, especially when you are caring for feral or community cats. So what’s the best flea treatment for cats? Especially cats who live their entire lives outside? And do all of this, WITHOUT breaking the …

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