Barn Cat Tweety Enjoying Life

Meet Tweety [Former Feral Resident Cat]

Hey, cat lovers! Ready to meet Tweety, another one of my kitties? Tweety’s story is a little bittersweet, unfortunately. I love this boy, though. Hopefully, you will too! The Beginning Tweety and four other teenage kittens were found in an abandoned colony of cats a few towns over. Not a lot is known about the situation, but I’ll list the …

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My Boy Buddy

My Boy Buddy

Here’s Buddy! Buddy is my boy. He’s a chill dude. He’s beloved by cats wherever he goes. Buddy is an orange tabby and everyone loves orange tabbies! I told you the story of Daisy in a previous post. This is her littermate and brother, Buddy. How It Began Initially, I had decided to adopt one of the six teenage kittens …

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Barn Cat Tweety with his Eartip

Find a Lost Cat Outside? [Help Her Get Home!]

Did you find a lost cat outside? Perhaps a new addition to your established community cat colony showed up recently.  Have you found a hungry cat in your garage or under your shed? I implore anyone that has a cat show up on their doorstep or their established colony to not assume she’s simply another community cat who lives outside. …

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One Lucky Cat: Echo

One Lucky Cat: Echo

Meet Echo! A tortoiseshell female cat of unknown age and origin who has been both unlucky and lucky in life as a barn cat. She’s a real character though, so you’ll love her and her sass! Warning: There is one slightly graphic picture of her injured and scraped up leg in this post.  If you’re sensitive to pictures of this …

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Close Up of Cat Face

What’s a Feral Cat? [Facts and Misconceptions]

Let’s get basic: What’s a feral cat? Are cats really domesticated? Are feral cats dangerous? How are feral cats different from indoor cats? Do feral cats cause disease or carry rabies? Can feral cats be tamed? Let’s look at some common misconceptions that people have about feral cats. If you’re confused by something, please don’t hesitate to write a comment …

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Little Miss Daisy at 1 year

Little Miss Daisy

You’re interested in meeting my girl, Little Miss Daisy? Excellent! She’ll be happy to know people are checking out her pictures. She thinks she’s very important, you know. She’s even got a video on YouTube now! How cool is that? Scroll down to the bottom to see it here, as well. Adoption Daisy was born in a litter of six …

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Tiny But Mighty Book

Got Kittens? Tiny But Mighty Book is an AMAZING Resource!

  I’m absolutely thrilled about the Tiny but Mighty Book and you should be too! It’s here!  I read it!  It’s absolutely freaking amazing! Okay, maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, but by the end of this post, you will be just as excited. If you’re a cat lover or into cat rescue, anyway. As you’re on Barn …

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